We Field Good !

Harvest from the energy that make us relate

Sustainable agriculture. Short food circuits.

Around the Globe.

Social and Environmental relationships.

With FieldGood we move the energy of sustainable food all over the Earth by favoring local and direct networks of food production from the agricultural space to the consumers, actors of their society ecological and economical transition.

We are very happy and proud to publish here our activities and invite you to contribute and benefit from our action.

I Field Good You Field Good

Support for local production and distribution projects.

We build relationships for concrete projects with local producers in Belgium. We prefer concrete and simple impactful action to evangelisation and over-communication.

You Field Good We Field Good Around the World

Support for overseas production and distribution projects that respect the environment and the people.

We execute projects with people and organisations of the south, establishing meaningful links with local organisations in the north.

Extend the Field of Experience

We enable sharing practices and experience among producers.

We extend the field of experience of the greater public by inviting curiosity and reflection to our table but also and foremost by putting in place the practical ideas emerging from people’s reflection.

We propose a platform for practice and experience sharing to local producers and organisations. This spans concretely from technical information exchange to sensing journeys (Theory U protocol application).

We Field Good: field the energy

We propose activities that enable you to enhance your well-being and your connection to nature and  to meaningful projects we support.  We propose you events to discover our projects and to contribute with a light touch in a positive and constructive stance.


Generative FieldGood

This offer is great for those who want to reconnect to themselves, others and nature. This proposition enables you to refocus on yourself while contributing to one of our projects close to nature. This is not a therapeutical offering but aims at enhancing your well-being. You may, if you whish, get support from a more specialised support we can direct you to. Contact us to know more.